Atha Gamma is more than a documentary about the science behind mindfulness. It is a transformational journey that will awaken and inspire. 


The word atha is Sanskrit, one of the world’s oldest languages. In Sanskrit, any auspicious undertaking begins with the word “atha”, which can be translated as “now begins”. Gamma brain waves are considered to be the brain’s optimal frequency for functioning and are associated with greater feelings of happiness, compassion and relaxation. Science states that gamma waves are activated by activities such as mindfulness meditation, and brainwave entrainment through sound and yoga.


In a world focused on wasteful activities and materialism, more and more people are looking for a healthier path to take, one that can benefit them physically, emotionally and spiritually. For many, yoga and mindfulness meditation has been the answer, with more than 300 million practising yogis worldwide, and even more growing mindful through regular meditation. As yoga and meditation have deep roots in Indian culture, filmmakers Scott Weatherall and L. Farrah Furtado travelled to the source, filming in Mysore, India to document yoga masters and meditation gurus. Armed with a skeleton crew, in a location they had never visited before, they quickly built a film network, conducting interviews, acquiring equipment and assembling a varied cast of characters – in less than 15 days. 


The film carries an important message that will resonate with many, one that is backed by science: you can be happy and at peace by practising daily mindful breathing and meditation. Atha Gamma will explore just how, through first-hand experiences, conversations with neuroscience experts, and the unique music of Jeremy Clubb. The sound healer/musician produced original specialized sound techniques for the film using binaural/ isochronic tones and brainwave entrainment technology, scientifically proven to increase gamma brain waves in the brain.