Transform your mind, body, soul and career

Conveniently download the course, complete it at your own pace, anytime, anywhere and use the content for your future use forever.


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2. Flexible interactive platforms
You can complete the course no matter where you are in the world.
 • 15 pre-course PDF’s to help you prepare
• Live Lessons, 50+ videos and audios that can be replayed anytime
• Feedback on your postures and teaching style
• Weekly Zoom Live calls
• Daily live Q&A sessions
• Our Amazon #1 Best Seller training manual
• Expert feedback on your daily homework and exam
• Ongoing access to our private Facebook Mastermind group


3. Perfect your technique everyday at your own pace, daily or weekly
You are required to submit videos to perfect your sequences and pose alignments then discuss on live ZOOM calls with your instructors and classmates. Completing the course online is just like competing the course face-to-face.


4. Learn to create a successful yoga business strategy
We believe in the power of yoga, and want our students to go on and share what we know. We will teach you how to attract and keep clients, using amongst other things new technology.


5. Best in class
Our courses are run by one of the most highly regarded practitioners in the world: L. Farrah Furtado.


6. Teaching credits 
You will receive not only certification in Farrah’s style, you will also receive 10 hours of Continuing Ed Credits through the Yoga Alliance, or count all 40 hours of the course towards your 200-hour training under Non-Contact Hours in Anatomy, Technique and Philosophy.


We are offering YOU the chance to complete our online Bend it like Buddha yoga course to grow your yoga business or home practice.




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