Metamorphosis or My personal yoga journey

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LISA ANNE FURTADO the author of Pop Rock Cop is also known as FARRAH. She  published her first book in 2009 – “Her Apparitions” (Book 1 of the Human Longings series). It has been an Amazon best seller several times and has received notable book award nods such as the Noveltunity Award, USA. Farrah is an international yoga teacher, author of three spiritual best-selling award winning books, award winning filmmaker, world traveler, and founder of Kaohsiung Yoga School in Taiwan and Bend it like Buddha Yoga in Portugal.


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  • This book describes everything about my personal yoga journey, the essence about this transformative practice and how to teach yoga to others.

  • 200H Online Yoga Teacher Training. The Bend it like Buddha Blueprint is EVERYTHING you need to become a successful Yoga teacher!

  • 15 day Ashtanga & Vinyasa 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training & Bonus Ayurvedic massage course in Algarve, Portugal.


What My Wonderful Readers Say

  • As someone in search of my identity and in pursuit of my dreams, this book, and more particularly, this line, spoke to me. It echoes the thoughts we often don’t stop to answer – Is this journey if this climb towards something is actually a mad run away from my past, my life, myself. Her Apparitions & Other Human Longings is a beautifully written book of revelations – revelations of one’s life: how one’s past affects the present and how the present fight ensures there is a future. Definitely, a worthwhile read!

    Dorothy A Worthwhile Read!
  • The Book Her Apparitions & Other Human Belongings mentions many thoughts of young people that want but cant be free of their parents. Sometimes I felt confused reading the reality or what stood in the book. But at the end I was definitely moved by what all happend and that book is one of fews that really touched me. Specially the style od writing is important for me if a book a good or not that good. Lisa Furtado definitely is a talented author and her writing style is easy to get and made me reading very fluently and quick. Amazing Book. :)

    Sandra N. Well deserved 5 stars...
  • This is a fun, but also very beautiful story about life. About finding yourself, about friendship, about finding happiness and about true love. I read it in less than 24 hours, just because I couldn't put it away!! I just loved it!! The writing style is great and easily understandable even for a person who doesn't have English as their first language. It's a very inspirational book which I can only recommend! There's only one negative thing about the book, and that is that it's way too short, haha ;) I also read Lisa's first book "Her Apparitions and Other Human Longings", and just like I loved that one, I love this book as well. Congrats Lisa, you did it again!! Can't wait to read more from you! :)

    Nanna Greising Another great book from an amazing writer!
  • Lisa again did not disappoint reader with her new piece of writing. Euphoria is a second book from 'Other Human Longings' series following a character from book #1 - Fatima. She decides to deactivate her Facebook ('always going against the grin') and get in touch with her childhood friend Heidi with whom she used to exchange letters. Reader will read past and present communication between characters (mainly Fatima's letters). With Fatima's self reflections on her life back then in the 90s, in betweens. Euphoria ia a quick, entertaining and smooth read. Written in forms of letters with unique writing style and language. A story about one lifelong friendship. Highly recommending!

    Olimpia Finding soulmate and a lover in one person that was beside you all along

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