Fb cover

This book is inspired by a true story, how a very talented young Portuguese-Canadian performer, with an international fan base dealt with and overcame significant adversity that threatened to end her music career.

Before her rise to musical success she naively decides to become a police officer at 22 to help fund her dreams and to make a positive difference in the world. As she is at the pinnacle of her musical career she becomes unknowingly entangled with corrupt police officers in her department who make false accusations against her in an attempt to frame and arrest her for something she did not do.

The book ( and screenplay-treatment) is a story of inspiration – how perseverance, patience, hard work, a strong belief in oneself and the love and support of family and friends will always win out over deceit and deception.

The story of the police trying to get her to lie, the grueling interrogation, her defiance and strength, are the heart of this story.

It’s a never-give-up true story which includes heartbreak, drama, excitement, humor, love and great music and ultimately achieving ones dreams and goals to make a difference in the world.